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SilverWing Alpha 1 by chaninja SilverWing Alpha 1 by chaninja
This is the first alpha of my new Style. Some quick facts:
1) Its based on ChaNinja Style.
2) Has 4 color schemes (including a Deviant one :) (Smile)
3) I've only done the Startbutton (no text yet), StartPanel & Titlebars. I just wanted to get some comments before I proceed.

Remember its just an alpha so no bug reports please ;) (Wink) ! Post your comments on the site or email me (

Hope you like it!
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vGames-Bren Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
I want really have this style...
How can I do this ? :)
Thanks ;)
chaendler Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2003
The link is broken, could you upload it again?
Thanks very much.
slinky1947 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2002
I can't seem to download any of the Visual Styles from Deviant Art. Any hints. I keep getting these 404 pink screens. Your zip file size here, for me, is 51kb. I know that's not right. These Visual Styles are large. Help

n05feratu Featured By Owner May 16, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really.... really good... that remindme that U themes are the best....
skinsfactory Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
great now we can look forward to 500 releases as it goes through every little change. Dont get me wrong you do nice work, but dont release stuff unless its done. Or better yet update the original upload. Its frikking annoying having to look through skins only to find different versions of the same damn thing. Its like this was meant to be for styles xp cuz its released more than those idiots at TGT release their crappy patch.
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robc Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2002   Traditional Artist
I downloaded and am using this (obviously coz i like it...) but I think you should stray as far away from the ChaNinja style as possible.

I love the black start button with the little extending wing - the whole start button menu reminds me of the Final Fantasy games which I think would be a good influence.

It's nice to see a stylish, sophisticated skin without the clutter of being overly ornate which I think this has the potential to be.

Make it unique - like ChaNinja is/was :) (Smile)

Thump Cartoons
na641 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2002
awesome, i think its better than ChaNinja, youre an awesome artist
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n05feratu Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really cool... but I prefer ChaNinja... when you finish it send me a email...
bomb3r Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2002
this looks very promising. hope it turns out just as good, if not better than your chaninja series.
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and now it waits for you gallery website
s2illusions Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2002
very nice can't wait till its done.. or at least out of alpha
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sezmra Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2002
Ooh I likes it! Very sleek, clean, and can't wait 'til you finish it. :) (Smile)
olog-hai Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2002
Very very clean - although I think I will stick with the original chaninja style ;) (Wink) - at lest for now
thuggap Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very clean, very professional looking.

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power Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2002
omg man nice so far :) (Smile)
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